Truman Grade

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Hey Producthunters I'm excited to share Truman Grade with you all! Our mission is to end online fraud and Grade is one solution we created to aid in the fight. Get the premium version by entering this code into the coupon field: producthunt What makes Truman Grade super unique compared to other security extensions is: - it scans in real-time and works on almost any type of site. That means you have access to hundreds of millions of site grades - it detects 0-day phishing threats. Our proprietary system uses available data to determine the likelihood of a phishing website - the first ever machine learning privacy scanner. We automatically read and grade privacy policies. Within seconds you'll know what information a website collects, how they use the information, and how they'll share your information - our smart alerts add an extra layer of protection. We'll notify you when a form field is insecure, if a website is likely a phishing site, if your privacy is at risk, and if the website has a poor reputation. We really hope you find this tool useful in your daily browsing. Look forward to any feedback you have for us!
Cool idea. Interesting to see how many people value this data to the point where they unlock premium. But I like it.
@goos3d_ie you can unlock the premium version with the code: producthunt . cheers!
How is this different from Web of Trust?
@llumiaho the primary difference is WoT uses crowdsourced information in order to determine risk while Grade scrapes the website for information (such as TLS configuration and open ports) then grades the results in its algorithm.
What kind of org is interested in this? I'm curious how large an org needs to be to want to protect against employee negligence without having the security demands of enterprise.
@ggnall I think it really depends on how security conscious and forward thinking an org is. One of the biggest problems in today's digital landscape is that small businesses don't feel they're at risk, leaving them vulnerable to attacks and employee negligence.