Turn your smartphone into an actual business phone

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Thanks so much for the post Kevin (founder of Truly Wireless here!). The products I find on producthunt make my life just that much easier everyday- hoping we can do that for other members of the community :)
Amazing product! We've been using Truly Wireless at DroneDeploy for a number of months now. These are a few of the stand-out features from the last few months. 1) I've generally been disappointed with the call quality VOIP has to offer. Through some voodoo magic, Truly is able to route these calls over the carrier network, which means voices are always crisp. 2) Our team is often on the move testing drones, but we still want to provide world-class support. Truly's ability to route calls from person to person on the fly has been super helpful here. 3) We've been privy to some of the upcoming features, and I have to say the native workflows are really slick. The future is awesome! 4) I have really been impressed with their customer support. In particular, the rate at which feature requests are rolled out, and bugs are fixed. It seems to get significantly better every week :)
Truly allows companies to set up their employees own devices with the same features of an old-school enterprise landline, with caller ID, call-forwarding, auto attendant, conference calls, etc. But the real kicker is that everything happens over cellular. When a business signs up, they can set up various departments and assign phone numbers to employees, choose wait music, set up the auto-attendant, etc. Then, all the employees simply download the app, which is on iOS and Android and compatible with the four major carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) and they’re ready to go.
This looks like a well-designed product! But there is so much competition that it's overwhelming. Just three of the top of my head: - SendHub - RingCentral - Line2 While it's true that voice is a powerful (and arguably under-appreciated) channel for both sales and support, the cloud-PBX-for-small-companies space is rapidly commoditizing, if not commoditized already. The SaaS opportunity here, IMHO, is not to be yet another PBX in the cloud. It's to build PBX into an extensible platform and deeply integrate it with every key piece of software and business process. (e.g: make and receive calls straight your CRM/support ticketing system/collaboration tool/marketing automation app). The company that successfully goes beyond basic business phone systems for SMBs and turns PBX into a platform *that solves actual business problems* will be a billion dollar company. The fact that Truly is launching with an API is promising. But what is unique here? @eroltoker
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Dan- completely agree with you about where the opportunity lies. The question is how you get to that 'deep integration' you are referring to. Integrations are easy in the world of web services- the pipes are rich and the applications very tolerant to the turbulent environment of the open internet. We have retries, buffers, caching, etc. As you know, Voice does not work this way- the application is heavily reliant on the network and the protocols it uses are very old and poor. That's why people just give up on the laptop softphone, pull out their cell phone and dial the old fashioned way. Inevitably, the business user is left in a situation where they have to trade off access (the ability to hear the person) and the ability to benefit from the rich workflows that you just described. So, the first problem we set out to solve was figuring out how we take all of the technologies at hand to make the existing pipes that people already use both rich and reliable. Technically speaking, it turns out you don't get this from doing one thing right- it's dozens of things specific to the handset, the carrier network, the OS, etc. It takes a long time. Our core technology is modular so it can act like the middleware layer you mentioned with existing services, or it can work with the PBX that we've built ourselves. As you alluded, what comes next is the fun part. Once you enrich the pipes, you unlock a lot of interesting possibilities :)