Truffle 2.0

Ask your friends for their favorite restaurants

Truffle is a word of mouth Yelp. We've built a messaging platform that saves your preferences for favorite restaurants into lists that are usable in conversations on Truffle and now in iMessage.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Very interesting, but what about version for Android?
@najdenov_ We'd love to have an Android version, so we'll let you know.
Been waiting for something like this where I don't have to search Yelp or Foursquare, just the places I love and send it easily to my friends
Great way to keep up with new restaurants with my closest friends.
Truffle has helped me find some great restaurants and is so much better than sifting through the typical outdated review site. This new feature is great for coordinating with friends!

I like the social discovery aspect of Truffle, and am excited about the new messenger integration!


Discovery without clutter, good categories


It'll grow I'm sure, but I'm enjoying it thoroughly as it is right now!