TrueVault Atlas

Automating the daily grind of GDPR

Let’s face it, GDPR can be a grind. TrueVault Atlas is a data protection solution that introduces efficiency into the compliance workflow through automation.
- Data Subject Profiles
- Automatic Request Handling & Tracking
- Data Inventory & Anomaly Detection
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Jason Wang
CEO, Founder of TrueVault
Hi Makers and Hunters, I’m Jason from TrueVault, and I’m excited to share TrueVault Atlas, a data protection solution that eases the daily grind of GDPR compliance tasks through automation. TrueVault Atlas is unique because it can link personal data across internal and external systems and recognize personal data in natural language, unstructured formats. Meaning, we can find: - Stray payment information in Salesforce - Locate personal data, like names and phone numbers in any Google Drive doc - Link personal data spanning multiple systems to the right data subject. Built on top of a powerful indexing engine, TrueVault Atlas offers a real-time summary of all personal data stored across all systems, and our continuous compliance monitoring detects irregularities and anomalies instantly. We also automated data deletion and data export so companies can confidently respond to GDPR’s data subject requests, instead of wasting valuable developer time fulfilling these requests manually. We built this because we learned growth-stage businesses have been diverting resources away from their primary charter, growth, to fulfilling time-consuming compliance tasks — sometimes completing a single data subject request can take upwards of 20 minutes from the workday. TrueVault Atlas is always running in the background, providing continuous compliance monitoring, anomaly detection, and automatic data subject request processing. TrueVault Atlas isn’t a cookbook, we’re the personal chef for personal data protection. TrueVault's main goal is to help companies continue to grow quickly while securing customer privacy and maintain compliance with new privacy laws. We started with TrueVault Safe, a purpose-built data store for storing PII that is an essential tool for HIPAA compliance. Now, we've been building out a library to help companies learn more about GDPR. You can learn more about TrueVault Atlas and our plans for the future in Dark Reading (
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Alexander NetworksHelping Businesses and Communities
This is a good addition to my official GDPR training and certification toolset.
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Nice !