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TrueLeads provides accurate contact information for top prospects and candidates while you search on LinkedIn. With the click of a button, TrueLeads gives you access to over 220 Million contact records in an easy to use dashboard. Use code PH25 for 25% Off!
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I used to spend sleepless nights in bed, tossing and turning, one burning question running through my head: "How can I receive more emails from recruiters?" It was the software developer's pipe dream – something we all wanted, but were powerless to facilitate. Thanks to TrueLeads, I can rest easy tonight.
@thedavidgay David. Glad you're enjoying the extension, we're here to make certain that not only your LinkedIn inbox, but also your email inbox is ALWAYS full of high quality communications.
@thedavidgay so glad you'll be able to rest easy tonight! This gave me a gave me a good laugh. In all seriousness, we understand that some recruiters can be overbearing when it comes to outreach, however, the right opportunity presented at the right time can be life-changing for candidates who might be open to a change. Our goal is to help connect people with opportunities and we always encourage our users to message candidates and prospects with respect and courtesy. Thanks again for taking the time to write this.
@thedavidgay @zakpucci Think you've both missed the sarcasm. Developers HATE linked in recruiter spam. If you've got your profile open for jobs, then fair game. But when 99% of recruiters constantly pester, often with totally irrelevant offerings you tend to dislike them. If someone has their profile set to not looking for a job, you should NOT be soliciting them.
@thedavidgay @zakpucci @rick_m1 Thanks Rick, certainly didn't miss the sarcasm which is why I wanted to explain the reason why we built the app. Like you, I receive countless InMails every day from recruiters (mostly automated messages) that add ZERO value to me as I'm not currently looking. This has increased to the point that I no longer even use my InMail because it's almost 100% Spam. We don't subscribe to automated messaging or drip campaigns; we are simply here to help recruiters and salespeople connect with prospects in order to truly add value by offering opportunities that align with the candidates needs. I agree 100% that if a candidate has their profile set to Not Looking, recruiters should respect that. Thanks for your comment, we're on the same page! Regardless of your views of recruiters, there are countless stories of great recruiters reaching out to the right candidate, with the right opportunity, at the right time and changing the trajectory of that candidates life for the better.
Nice product! I'm a recruiter and this makes it easy to quickly find personal emails while I'm on LinkedIn - thanks for building this. I was utilizing RocketReach prior and paired both up against each other for a few months with a conclusion that both locate primarily the same contact information with TrueLeads much more affordable while offering more credits per month. Are you guys looking to expand to other social platforms? GitHub?
@christiandimare Thanks - glad you like it! Yes, we plan to expand platforms in the future (including GitHub) but starting with LinkedIn first as that's where most of our users prospect!
I’ve been using this product for a few months now (as a recruiter) and it has been a game changer. As a recruiter, I am often one out of many others in the LinkedIn inbox of a candidate. With Trueleads, I can stand out by taking the extra step by connecting with them through additional contact information such as their email or phone number. The results have been successful and I have connected to many candidates with the help of Trueleads. The design and functionality is sleek and simple. The chrome extension makes it easy with a click of a button while on the candidates LinkedIn profile! I highly recommend using this product!
@lexus_olvera Thanks, Lexus, glad you like it and appreciate the support! A lot of our users are recruiters actually as I know you guys spend a lot of time on LinkedIn!
Just tested the product out and worked flawlessly! My only question: @true_connect with so many competitors in the space why did you decide to build this? What's your UVP in comparison to the several other tools available on the market?
@connormasterson Hi Connor, thanks for your feedback! Great question - We initially built , an SMS based meeting preparation product that served up relevant information and news about your clients/prospects and their companies prior to meetings. One of the biggest requests from users was that they wanted help getting in touch with more prospects first AND THEN they'd like help properly preparing for the meetings they set. As a result, we built the lead generation product, TrueLeads and will ultimately will reconnect the dashboard to TrueConnect in order to offer a full service lead generation/meeting preparation platform!
@true_connect I see! In that case, I totally understand the value in creating this tool. Wish you and your team the best of luck!
@connormasterson Thanks my friend! We appreciate it!
Overall I'm impressed. Personally I'm also in need of a tool to find contact email on LinkedIn and I can see huge potential in this product. Just two questions though: 1. Do you have any plan to update this tool to be able to find email on other websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? 2. Would you have yearly plan in the future?
@tommyle1289 Hi Tommy, thanks for your feedback! Yes, we are currently working on extending the product to other social media platforms starting with FB and GitHub. We see this extension as a valuable entry point to the other technologies that we have “on the shelf” rolling out next year. As for an annual plan, this is something we’d like to offer, however, at this point, most of our users have enjoyed the freedom of month to month, so that’s been the focus. Thanks again!