A facial recognition API with picture attack detection

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Thank you @nickabouzeid for hunting us! Hi All! I'm CTO at Chui and I’m happy to introduce A suite of facial recognition APIs powered by deep learning. Our current endpoints cover: Face Detection - Detect when a face or multiple faces are present in a frame and get the raw 68 points for that face Face Matching - Match a face with a stored profile, 1 to 1 Face Identification - Match a face with a database of many 1:n Spoof Detection - Detect when someone is holding up a picture of someone else to try a fool the face recognition We offer a full package for anyone looking to explore and use facial recognition in production. Our goal is to have the best in class technology and continuously improve it. We invite everyone to test it out and please provide feedback.
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@nchafni Home Assistant ( will be a great place to showcase your API. They already have a few image processing components, including Microsoft Face, which is very similar to your offering.
@truvoip thanks Alok, home-assistant looks very cool i'll definitely look into!
My sunday funday project (Teach a Neural Network to identify drunk from sober faces with the API):
absolutely no worthy use-case for it, but fun to make!
And don't forget to write / let the Samsung Team know to use your API because they're still fucking up with their face recognition toy LOL
@ivancucer haha we'd love to chat to them!
They've been building hardware for some years, so it's pretty cool that they are opening up their API so you can take advantage of all that development and implement facial recognition into your own products.
@josevieitez thank you Jose! We are excited to finally put it in the hands of the public!
Amazing product from an Amazing team!