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Hey @saad_sahawneh, This sounds really interesting. Can you tell us more about it? When will you launch?
@jacqvon Thanks for getting in touch. We've just launched and we'll be busy over the next few weeks populating the site with cool businesses in as many cities around the world as we can. If you'd like me to help you list a work experience for job seekers interested in working with Product Hunt, please email me at and we'll have you quickly up and running. True Calling is our attempt to make recruitment more human by letting job seekers book a few days of work experience at businesses that inspire them. Nobody wants to fill in long job applications, take tests, update resumes and go to interviews. And most people never hear back positively from businesses they've applied to. By leveling the playing field and giving job seekers an equal opportunity to assess employers (not just the other way around), we think people will find a world of opportunities by spending a few days at different businesses. Plus, businesses get to make some extra income -- everybody wins. Smart, ambitious, creative people want a chance to show their best selves in a real work environment and these are the people we really aim to help. We believe the traditional approach to recruiting is not giving a chance to many of the best minds around the world, and we want to change that. The industry needs a fresh approach, and True Calling is hopefully going to be recruitment done right. Follow us on our blog at to stay posted with the latest news.
Am I right to understand this is paying for working? How does this relates with recruiting? I just saw one company asking for 50$/day, and I guess anyone would need at least 2 weeks to show their abilities in a new environment (it depends on the job too). That means somebody would have to spend 500$ to be able to work in a company which might not actually be looking to hire somebody, especially when they can get paid for letting people work for them. I might be missing something here
@dgrcode Yes, you're paying to job shadow someone or a team. It relates to recruiting because it's an opportunity for employers to get to know you better over a few days and then extend a job offer if they see a fit. It also lets you get a good sense of the people working there. Neither side has to commit to an extended duration. You can take it day by day. Candidates have become numb replying to recruiters, and job applications are a soul-destroying process. The whole approach to recruitment has become a game of who can match data better, and I think that's the wrong way to think about it. It needs to be human to be effective. Recruitment is broken, and if you want to innovate, you've got to go in a different direction than everyone else. The answers don't lie in what's already being done. Hopefully True Calling can make recruitment human again.