Truebill for Mobile

The easiest way to find, track and manage paid subscriptions

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Saving money on the paid subscriptions you pay for just got much easier with Truebill's mobile app! Truebill automagically scans your statements and detects recurring bills. They watch for price increases, and can even cancel unwanted subscriptions on your behalf. Install the app, then start saving money. It's that simple.
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Hi All, Founder of Truebill here - thanks for having a look at what we've built. Since launching Truebill for desktop a few months ago tens of thousands of people have signed up and found ways to save money on paid subscriptions and recurring bills. We're excited to launch our IOS and Android app and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
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@yahyamokh Could you tell us about your development process going from desktop to mobile? What technologies did you use to launch mobile (e.g. did you go native)?
@michael7ritchie Hi there, I'm the CTO at Truebill. The app is actually a React Native app (I love React + React Native!) For now, it's actually a hybrid of React Native + Webviews. Moving forward, we will continuously improve the app and convert more and more of it from Webviews to React Native.
Good to see another Plaid user - gives more credibility to the platform :)
I love Truebill, it did make me realize I have a slight addiction to subscriptions
Truebill is one of those products that makes you think, "wow, how has this not been how the world works" the first time you try it. I now have a dashboard view of all the recurring payments I make across all my credit cards plus Paypal. It makes a big difference to see everything in one place. (Particularly because I have work stuff, like AWS, on a card that I pay the bill for, personally!) Highly, highly recommended.