True Or False

A simple true/false generator for iOS and Android

If you need to get an answer to some of your questions, is it true or is it false, this app will help you a lot.

Just tap on the screen to get it!

Don't hesitate anymore! Now you always have an answer to any question directly on your phone.

Is it like the Oracle? Yes, it is!

Zainab Bodison
Great, now I want lifesavers.
This looks so clean! Saw your post at Dribbble, great to see you launched at PH.
@pregenun Thanks a lot!
Haha, only designer could do just an awesome stylish thing and people going to use it. @volorf how do you use it?
@vladkorobov Thanks! We can use it instead of tossing a coin.
Great! This is the most beautiful coin flipper I ever seen! Can you make it rotate one cycle during the animation between 0 and 1? It will increase the certainty in my opinion.