True Emoji

Animated Emojis for all iOS 11 devices

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True Emoji is an iMessage app that reads your expressions and generates custom animated characters known as ‘Emotion Interchange Formats’ or ‘EIFs’. Helping you put not only your real emotions to texting but also create personalized animated emoticons.

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Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
@rrhoover, is that you? 😲
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@akdm_ 😉
Sumesh Dugar
Sumesh DugarMaker@sumesh_dugar
@akdm_ @rrhoover are you talking about the girl or the emoji? 😉
Daniel 💻
Daniel 💻@iice89 · Web Developer
looked cool until i saw it was £9.99 🤣 no chance 👎
Sumesh Dugar
Sumesh DugarMaker@sumesh_dugar
@iice89 hey there, the experience is going to be worth it!