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TruConversion is another great entry into the competitive CRO marketplace. But no matter how many solutions exist in this field, the fact is that most online businesses aren't utilising these tools. The more these CRO tools appear, the better - hopefully the momentum will help organizations understand the importance of optimization. I covered TruConversion's launch exclusively for VentureBeat yesterday, if you're curious to dig deeper. (
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@therealsjr Thank you very much for the coverage and your comment.
@therealsjr I'm with you. There's so much latent opportunity in CRO and I'm surprised how few marketers actually dig into it. Nice to see another entrant. Congrats and best wishes @hakbar2707
@dharmesh Thank you very much for the kind words. I have been a long user of HubSpot and learnt a lot from the blog. Its an honor for us that you commented :)
@therealsjr This is so true. And what's (sometimes) even worse is when businesses hear about CRO and don't utilize the proper tools or best practices, rendering bad data. Looks like an interesting product. Thanks for sharing @NikkiElizDemere!
@katykatztx Thank you for the comment. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the application.
Hey Everyone, So glad you guys are here… TruConversion is a complete Conversion Rate Optimization application. Marketers and Growth hackers need to understand their visitors behavior and improve conversions. Visitors behavior is constantly changing, you need to keep pace. So what can you do with TruConversion? Visitor Session Playbacks: View recordings of your website visitors browsing and analyse their behavior. Heatmaps: Get a visual snapshot of where your visitors click/scroll to find out problem areas of your website. Conversion Funnels: In depth analysis of the drop off points of your sales funnel. Form Analytics: Find out if a form on your page is the cause of your visitors leaving the website. MicroSurveys: Quickly get feedback from your visitors about what is making them leave? Customer Surveys: Run in depth surveys and get complete feedback. SO WHAT? What makes TruConverison Special? This is the First phase of the application… TruConversion is already working on the next generation of the application: -Predictive Analysis: It is very good having all these tools under one roof. But the team is really working on getting these tools to work together and provide user a complete holistic view...Just imagine...You install the code on your site and TruConversion does most of the analysis for you…Yes it's a GRAND VISION! But the team is confident they will get there your feedback. -Deep Integrations: Team is looking at providing deep integrations with complementary tools. -Mobile Solution: TruConversion team really believes there is a need for an all in one CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tool. Even though this version is fully compatible on Mobile, team is looking to greatly enhance it. However MOST Important thing first…. TruConversion team really thrives on and appreciates the help of their users. Please give as much feedback as possible
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This looks very similar to Hotjar. Even UX/Design wise. How do you differentiate from them?
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@amvlad Thanks for your message. This is most basic version of the application. We had to revamp the UX after the beta launch we did few months ago. We found the users loved the application but had issues with UX. However we have been working on many advanced features and we are already in the final stages of testing. Once we get initial feedback from our users after this launch, we will start to release them in coming weeks/months. Just to give you an idea, some of the things we are working on: -Mobile heavy solution -Deep integrations with many complementary products (We think this will be big for us) -Predictive Analysis/AI: We really think its very good having all these tools in once application but they really should be working together so users input required is minimum. We have some basic features that should go in Beta very soon. Thank you once again and please keep giving us feedback.
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Great product and team! Been a happy user since the very early days. Good luck!
@yanivgoldenberg Thank you very much for the comment. Please keep giving us feedback, only then we can improve.
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