Powerful trucking logistics SaaS tool

In the U.S., 84% of all shipping revenue is from trucks. It's a huge (unsexy) industry and the main mode of transportation for most goods. As someone who's seen the software, TruckTrack's SaaS platform for trucking company logistics and management is something incredibly impactful for an industry that's not as efficient as you'd think.
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This is an awesome product from an awesome team with loads of experience in trucking, software AND trucking software.
I like the idea of apps attacking this vertical - it is a huge market. How does this differ from something like Trucker Path?
@jeremyz123 Trucker Path is an android app aimed at truck drivers – something like waze for truck drivers, while TruckTrack is aimed at trucking companies to manage their business (including safety regulations, dispatching trucks and drivers, invoicing and payroll)
Great to see you launched, Vuče. Best of luck!
@draganbabic Thanks Dragan :)
Really great product, addressing significant pain points in a massive market.