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Just like Mark Cuban, I'm a huge skeptic of things like this not backed by multiple scientific studies. Based on their website they've only performed an "initial pilot study". Seems interesting but I'm not buying it. That fine print in the footer is also very interesting: "FDA disclosure and warning: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. "
@irvingtorresyc I don't trust anything backed by the FDA - they think its okay to eat pink slime meat. ha
@irvingtorresyc Totally agree. I'm also against Adderall and such. Just behave yourself and focus.
@nicolasegosum this couldn't be further from a stimulant like Adderall.
@irvingtorresyc (note: no affiliation with these guys) Go on PubMed and you'll find numerous studies on all the included ingredients. Like, a lot. The only thing they're really doing new is the combination and ratios of ingredients. Where you do need to be cautious is with purity. For many suppliers in this space, testing for heavy metals and contaminants is a grey area.
I've tried natural and synthetic nootropics in the past and I believe they can be useful. Do they work? They certainly do, but if you're expecting a "Limitless" kind of effect, you're maybe expecting too much. While on nootropics you will start noticing small changes in your perception of the things, you may be able to recall things faster and even recall things you didn't know you would remember. They also can give you a feeling of mental fluidness and creativity, but again, this doesn't feel like sudden clarity. Of course, one of the main problems with this type of drugs is that they are not very well researched and/or regulated. As an example, many people still buy racetams powder in bulk. However, some racetams, especially Piracetam, are produced by big pharmaceutical companies like GlasoSmithKline and by hundreds of local pharmaceutical laboratories around the world. In fact, Piracetam can be prescripted for depression and anxiety and as an aid for cerebral trauma recovery. But despite all this, nootropics are a still an obscure science. For example, is common knowledge in the nootropics community that is a good idea to take choline while consuming racetams, but this is not something you will find written on the label of a GSK prescription drug. So in general, I believe nootropics indeed can boost your cognitive activity, but this is still body/mind hacking with a lot try and error, and with a lot of uncertainties regarding things like unknown interactions and long-term effects.
Always wanted to feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless.
So glancing at the ingredients I'm guessing the most active ingredients in this would be the oxiracetam and the piracetam... My understanding is choline is recommended when taking racetams
I'm cautiously intrigued by a lot of this stuff. I take l-theanine capsules every day and I think they help me focus in for the day when paired with my coffee, but it could be placebo effect, so whatever.
@bhalp1 try adding in a choline source like Alpha GPC or Citicoline. Safe, effective, natural and I've use this combo for years, especially paired with coffee.