Trove Market for Apple TV

Browse local vintage furniture from your living room

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@lylemckeany I want to reiterate @xngwng's thanks for the hunt! We've been hard at work on Trove and are super happy about our tvOS release. With support for 3rd party apps, we see an opportunity for the new Apple TV platform to get more use (and in new ways). The Shopping category hasn't been overrun (yet) ;) so we're one of only a few providing an e-comm experience thru the TV. We know people already shop through the TV (QVC's also got a tvOS app!) and as Apple TV 4th Gen gains traction, it gives our users a pretty cool, comfortable new way to search for things selling nearby them. We're optimistic that our current tvOS app, and some features we're thinking through, really give people and boutiques selling through Trove a useful new marketing channel. Things I love about it: throwing the process from the TV to my iPhone/iPad, quick browse through different cities if I'm in a curious mood. +the top secret stuff :)
Great product! Is there a direct furniture trading aspect to this? (if not) I hope this was something worthwhile for you to consider.. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 Thanks, that is a great idea. It is on our roadmap. Btw, For the tvOS version, because of the limitations, tvOS have fewer features than iPhone version. So for this platform, what we really focused on is come up with a "magical" way of connecting the purchase experience between TV and phone.
This is great @thismobilife, @xngwng, & @d_gilling! It's awesome to see you rolling out new products so quickly. Can you explain a little more how the syncing over iOS works?
@lylemckeany @thismobilife @d_gilling Thank you Lyle for hunting us. For us, when we approached the tvOS platform, our main goal is to have a completely seamless experience between iOS and tvOS. First thing we thought of is, no typing username and passwords. (While one click login with Facebook or Google+ avoids typing username and passwords, but Facebook doesn't have app for tvOS yet). So we allow you to login on your iOS device, (on the same iCloud account,) moments later you'll be logged in automatically on the tvOS app. Furthermore, another thing we wanted to do is avoid asking people to type credit card numbers (and/or address) with their TV remote. So when buyer trying to purchase something on the tvOS app, they get a notification on their phone, and when they click on that notification, that same item is deeplinked and the user can continue the purchase experience seamlessly on their phone.
@lylemckeany @thismobilife @d_gilling also check out the purchase flow in action here in video:
@xngwng that looks slick. Nice!
This looks like a good product @xngwng! What are your thoughts on the apple tv store and the future of commence on the apple tv platform?
@chubucko @xngwing Thank you for the compliment. I think tvOS is a great platform (Shopping on TV has been an American tradition for long time now). It allows for much bigger images, makes products more enticing, and easier to browse. At the same time, there are many user experience considerations that are different from mobile or web. I believe ultimately, it is the connected experience between many devices that people have that will change the shopping experience, so we embraced it (because we are also tech geeks). Btw, I am super excited to see that Apple is also about to solve one of the biggest issues Apple TV, the frustrating experience of typing with the remote.