Trove Market

The easiest way to buy/sell used + vintage furniture

Lisa Smith
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    No success selling vintage items on this site, however had a great deal of success on other sites.

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Xing Wang
Xing WangMakerHiring@xngwng ·
Also, I want to mention, we have envisioned the how chat can merge with commerce: with magic word for commerce a while back:
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Really fun site for those who like to search 'thrift-style'. It's like Craigslist with a tighter focus.
Xing Wang
Xing WangMakerHiring@xngwng ·
@jacqvon Thank for the hunt. We started Trove because personally I love decorating with vintage and secondhand finds, and believed that there should be a mobile first and cross platform solution for the furnishings and home decor space. We are one of the only local buying and selling mobile apps that supports payments and smart fraud detection. We’ve also got smart engagement features for folks who may not be ready to buy or sell right away.
max mackey
max mackey@maxmackey · performance marketing @skurt
@jacqvon Awesome, thanks for hunting us Jacq!
Vaibhav Mallya
Vaibhav Mallya@mallyvai · Founder,
Hey guys, curious - any metrics on how long it takes for the average good to be sold, or how long the average buyer has to sift before finding something they want?
Mason Richman
Mason RichmanMaker@thismobilife · Co-Founder, Trove Market
@mallyvai thanks for the question! The buying and selling side are very different so I'll give each attn. ;) No specific metrics to share at this point. As a buyer, you can certainly find what you’re looking for in a few minutes. Right now search scours all listing text, and location targeting helps folks look in their local/nearby areas. On Android we’ve got search filters (e.g., price, category) as well – that’ll be on iOS very soon! On the selling side, it really depends on the type of items people are selling, and where they’re located. Small pieces go faster than large furniture because they’re easy to move. And in metros things can move in a matter of days, whereas in more remote areas things sit longer. We always encourage people to use our sharing features to get the word out about their listings, and we do our part to help get for-sale inventory in front of interested audiences online.
Lou Greyvenstein
Lou Greyvenstein@lougreyvenstein · CEO, Patent Data Media
It might become a great place to find vintage furniture. There is a niche market for this. Best of luck with the business
Xing Wang
Xing WangMakerHiring@xngwng ·
@lougreyvenstein thank you.
Mason Richman
Mason RichmanMaker@thismobilife · Co-Founder, Trove Market
@lougreyvenstein thanks! we appreciate your support.
dipaksaraf@dipaksaraf · Web Developer
Congrats!! This idea was on the mind for a long time, but you guys jumped and acted on this first.....
Xing Wang
Xing WangMakerHiring@xngwng ·
@dipaksaraf Thanks! :)