Create and share personal gift lists.

Trove allows friends and family to create and share a wish list of the gifts they would like, cutting out the waste of giving or receiving the wrong thing.

Get them something they actually want this Holiday season!

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Eleanor McKenna
Founder at
Hi, everyone! I wanted to build an app for my friends and family to create and share gift lists, because I hate the stress of not knowing what to get them, and I especially hate it when I get it wrong. It’s time we got smart about the gift-exchange process, and start getting each other things we actually want or need. No more waste or stressful last-minute shopping trips. Create an account, add things that you would like (or get inspired by the app) and start sharing with friends and family. When you see something you want to buy another person, you will need to commit to buying it, so no one else will buy it too. I can’t wait to hear your feedback!