Earn more credit card rewards

Trove automatically finds you the credit cards that earn you the most rewards based on your unique spending habits.
It has earned their average user $500 in additional credit card rewards.
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Thanks for hunting us @stephenou! Credit cards rewards are notoriously difficult to calculate and constantly changing. There’s hundreds of cards out there and even after spending hours on NerdWallet researching, we’re still not able to answer one simple question: which card is best for me? It’s no surprise that most people are not optimizing their credit card rewards and end up missing out on hundreds of dollars per year in rewards. That’s why we built Trove. We wanted something that could simply look at our spending behavior and definitively tell us, which card would earn us the maximum rewards. Trove comes with two modes: 1. Simple: For those who simply want the single best card for their spending 2. Optimal: For those who want to maximize the number of rewards they can earn Check it out, we’d love to hear your feedback and feature requests!
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Got to witness first hand as @saurabhsharan and @jonjyan build out their quarantine side project, designed to help people save money. I connected my bank accounts (via Plaid, just like how Venmo/Betterment/Robinhood connect to bank accounts). Trove gave me a card recommendation (Chase Sapphire Preferred) that can earn me $842 more in rewards. It took a couple extra minutes to apply for the card, and it's coming soon in the mail! I never put much thoughts into my credit card game. Having Trove give me card recommendations removed the hassles of doing research on NerdWallet.
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Feels a lot like NerdWallet. Which reminds me, I should probably reevaluate my credit card situation. 🤔
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@rrhoover Yep! Except no need to read any of the articles, Trove will find the best card for you automatically 🙂
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@jonjyan how does this find the best card "automatically"?
@chrismessina No need to look through your spending and compare across dozens of credit card programs to figure out which card might be best for you. Trove analyzes your spending via Plaid, "automatically" compares across the top credit cards, and then gives you a personal card recommendation.
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@jonjyan got it, thanks. Already a Chase Sapphire Reserve customer; Trove suggested I get a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. WDYT about getting multiple cards from the same bank?
@chrismessina Getting multiple cards from the same issuer can make sense depending on your spending! An example is having both the Chase Saphire Reserve and the Chase Freedom Unlimited. The Reserve has great perks and 3x points on dining and travel (but only 1 point for other categories like groceries). If you're a big grocery spender, it could make sense to get the Chase Freedom Unlimited to supplement, which offers 5% cash back on groceries. With regard to your specific situation, there are instances when getting the Chase Saphire Preferred card will net you more earnings over the Chase Saphire Reserve (since the Reserve has a much higher annual fee, your spending may not justify this card)—it all just depends on your specific spending. This exact scenario is a prime example of why we built Trove. You could spend a few hours researching the pros and cons of the Saphire Reserve vs the Saphire Preferred (The Points Guy among dozens of other blogs have articles you can read like this:, or you could just get a definitive answer with Trove!
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Love the simple interface and the fact that this is just a one-time analysis to find me a better card. Results in under a minute and easy to understand.
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Congrats on the launch! 🔥 very cool product
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