Privacy-focused bookmark manager to save anything from web

Trove allows you to quickly save and organize your webpages, texts, images, videos, pdfs & more. The bookmarks are secure, encrypted and only readable to you (identity).
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Hello Product Hunt, We started sketching the idea of a privacy-focused bookmark manager a few months ago. Today, we’re very excited to launch, Trove, a modern, beautiful and secure bookmarking app powered by Blockstack and Gaia. Easily save from the web via the web app or browser extensions. What we read defines us, and our bookmarks help us save and organize a piece of information for later. The content, if not treasured (read: prevent companies from mining them), could manipulate our opinions in unimaginable ways. Therefore, privacy is an urgent need where people curate their knowledge. Trove empowers people to have control over their identity and provides access to their data without compromising privacy and security. The data stored in it are encrypted-by-default, which means that you own your data, and only you can access it with the keys that you hold. In the first version, anyone can easily Save to Trove via the web app or browser extensions, and organize with collections & tags. We have plans to make Trove even powerful by adding the ability to save different content types (images, videos, code snippets, text), smart categorization, a comprehensive read mode, a mobile app and bookmark importer from other platforms. We know that the journey is long, but we are committed to our mission and excited to share more about Trove in the future. Please try Trove at or if you have any questions, ask away! We would appreciate if you use Trove. Please upvote in Product Hunt, if you like and support us. We are also participating in Blockstack App Mining program, therefore, your support will help us secure funds to keep making Trove sustainable/better.
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We launched with Firefox[1] and Chrome browser extensions to quickly add pages to your Trove. As soon as Chrome Web Store completes their review process[2], we will update the app with the link. Thank you for your patience! [1]: [2]:
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Hello all, Creating a brand in the uncharted territory of decentralization made us grow and deliver a modern, secure and beautiful app like Trove. This is the first version of Trove, we plan to audit the brand further as the product moves in different cycles. Please join the bandwagon of Trove by using it, upvoting and tweeting about us. We would love to hear your feedbacks and grow.
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The great thing about this product is not that it helps manage random search/surf activity in a clean and organized references as a bookmark. The great thing is not how simple this app is and just does what it is intended to do in a minimal and simplistic way. The great things is that it respects privacy and let me own my data and exists in a decentralized app space. In this era of copious cloud services and apps where breach, scrutiny and misuse of personal information is prevalent, It in-fact is a treasure trove in itself.
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@ankur_sharma8 "treasure trove" - love it! thank you!
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This project makes sense to me ! Maybe it will be added by chrome later on. But i really needed a tool for managing/searching my bookmarks! Thanks @prashishh for taking this initiation and implemented secure application for this! Kudos!
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@andresh_singh Thanks! The Chrome extension is under review and we plan to publish it as soon as we get a green light. Firefox add-on is live though. We have plans to support other browsers in the future (esp. Brave).
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Hello folks, thank you so much for all the great feedback lately. We wanted to let you all know that the Chrome Extension is now live. Here is the link: We look for the continued support from all of you. :)
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