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Troopr Assistant organizes your tasks, tracks your team, runs your meetings and much more. Interact with Troopr right inside Slack with contextual transitions into built in tools.

  • Pros: 

    The simple UI and their focus on enabling the key use cases is something that I really like about Troopr! I would strongly recommend this!!


    More integrations to other critical productivity apps would definitely be a plus.

    We have been using Troopr for the last few weeks and the team have been very responsive for the feedback that we provide them and they are super fast in acting upon it and address my questions.

    Raj Bhavani has used this product for one month.
  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh SinghDigital Marketer

    Super clean UI. It's really hard to achieve this level of simplicity that ends up making your product highly efficient for others to use.


    Integrations is something where Troopr needs to improve.

    I have been involved with Troopr since the very initial phases of its development and it fills me with joy to see how this product is evolving and shaping into a really important product for teams to be more efficient & organised.

    Rakesh Singh has used this product for one month.
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Raj Shanmugam
Raj ShanmugamMakerHiring@raj42 · Tech Entrepreneur. Maker of @TrooprHQ
Thanks @itsthisjustin for hunting us. Hello Product Hunt, we are thrilled to be here! Troopr Assistant is your smart work assistant. He will be your one interface to communicate with all the tools at work. He keeps the team on same page. We all use multiple tools to manage work. That usually means more interfaces to learn, more admin work and more notifications. Troopr Assistant acts as the smart gateway in front of all tools competing for your attention. Through a unique blended multi modal interface (touch + command + natural language) he simplifies the way you interact with your tools, saving valuable time. Troopr Assistant’s skills are built with a chat first principle, meaning access to most frequent actions are available directly within chat. For interactions that are not natural via chat, you can contextually transition into connected tools. Try out Troopr coupled with Slack. Right now Troopr is trained to help you with the following: 1) Task Management 2) Meeting Automation (TeamSync) 3) Team Knowledge capture and sharing 4) Reminders Troopr is learning more skills based on your feedback. Troopr connects with Troopr business tools currently and soon with 3rd party tools and services. A big shout out to all the teams that have tried Troopr as part of our closed BETA program. Our early adopters have reported - Improved team engagement - Increased team productivity - Better team alignment - Greater transparency & accountability across the team. If you want to give Troopr a try, it only takes minutes to setup and it is free. Try Troopr for your team here:
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellHunterPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at
I'm a nut for productivity. Anything that keeps my team focused and organized is a win in my book. We use Slack for basically everything from scheduling calls with clients ( ftw) to reminders for ourselves. I found Troopr when looking for alternatives to Standuply and man is it cool. It's still early, but I'm hoping it can completely replace Slack reminders for us and I'd like to not use Zapier anymore for daily standup requests. The team has been super receptive to my feedback so that's always awesome in a product like this.
Alexander Raiman
Alexander Raiman@alexander_raiman · Ideas from Prague to the whole world.
I have known Rajesh as a great make for quite a while. When he asked me to test Troopr I did not hesitate. The idea that chatbots are the smart interfaces of the future somehow resonated. Troopr was easy to use within the context of Slack (which I use everyday in communicating with our team of Customer Support and Business Development and also to remain in touch with management). Everything feels fast and efficient. It is like I have a personal Trooper that clicks his heels and follows my orders :-) Every piece of feedback that I gave was immediately received and analyzed. I like that very much about the team behind Troopr.
Raj Shanmugam
Raj ShanmugamMakerHiring@raj42 · Tech Entrepreneur. Maker of @TrooprHQ
@alexander_raiman thanks for the nice words Alex. Its a great learning opportunity for us working with your BD teams in Prague.
I've tested Troopr before, and I can say that it's an exciting product. I can't wait to see Troopr evolve into an AI assistant for workplace productivity.
Naren Kumar
Naren Kumar@narenkumar · Co-Founder & CEO of IamHere
We have been using Troopr for the last six months. From task alignment to bug tracking, our team has been using Troopr for a lot of internal process management. We are certainly happy with it to be continuing to use it. If you have a small team and want to try out something simple for your project, I would strongly recommend Troopr.
@narenkumar thanks so much Naren. Your team has been awesome in helping shape the product from the very early stages.