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Troopr Assistant runs your projects and standup meetings directly in Slack. Troopr Daily Briefing provides you a quick actionable overview of tasks, JIRA issues, standups, reminders and more.
Save time and get more done in Slack!
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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us. Hello Product Hunt, we are thrilled to be here.. again! Troopr Assistant is your all-in-one Slack Bot for Remote teams to manage their projects and standup meetings in one place. You can now manage tasks for your team and setup and run asynchronous standup meetings without ever leaving Slack. We have now launched Troopr V2 with Jira integration for teams managing their projects in Jira. You can now create, manage and track Jira issues directly within Slack. What’s new in V2: - Personalized daily briefing with agenda for the day - Fully revamped Ux in the web app for a complete view of what your team is upto - Simple one click Jira integration for everyone in your team - Powerful 2 way Jira integration to create issues, assign, transition, change priority, watch, log time, show activity, respond to activity, set reminders and more - User timezone support and interactive web reports in Troopr Standup meetings - Universal search when you have to search across tasks in Troopr and Jira - Setup and track reminders across Troopr tasks, Jira issues and standup meeting calls Love to hear your feedback. Please try Troopr here:
Waaay better than the official Jira integration of Slack. Combined with the Standup integration, makes it a really powerful app for distributed teams. Still exploring..but I like what I see. A lot.
@dillisingh Thank you Ujjwal!
We are very excited about this launch. If you manage engineering/product/design team/teams, you should definitely check it out! I hope you find it useful .
My team is using slack and JIRA extensively. This integration helps us to be true agile. We have recently started with troopr but have already become fans. Thanks to troopr.
@charles_chennai Thank you Charles!
Kudos to the team and the effort in making the next version. I like very much the dedication behind it all. The team at Troopr is all about brining tangible benefits to agile teams that work with Slack and Jira --> saving them multiple man hours each week.
@alexander_raiman thank you Alex! we look forward bringing Troopr to more teams in Europe!