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Been using the troop beta for about a month now. True, it is almost a slack meets trellos kind of product. I've never felt more organized to be honest. Great product with a lot of promise In a booming space.
Try to understand what Troop can do. It looks like chat tool like Slack. It also looks like project management tool like Trello. Great if someone can tell me what Troop is in a nutshell. I went to website and App Store but still don't fully understand what it does...
@kzynakamura it has all the same functionality of trello but in my opinion the UI is much cleaner.
@kzynakamura We've been using it internally for a lot of our product planning and it's been very useful - so, yeah, similar to Trello but with a much cleaner UX, IMHO.
@kzynakamura Troop is a way to create groups. It has chat functionality of slack, but also cards an boards functionality of Trello all integrated in one UX. We use Troop internally for CRM, File Storage, Bug Tracking etc.. -- things you would never think of doing in Slack.
@kzynakamura Go to the web on your desktop at There is a super fast login (Google or facebook) and a complete editable working example. You will get it in 1 min now
These products are as good for as long as the team stays with it and keeps improving it. I like the look and feel of this one.
@datarade we are here for the long haul. A lot of time has gone into this, we have really big plans.
@datarade check out the new improvements: Lots of new views. Login with google + facebook. Bug Fixes. Working editable example
@dotkrueger YOU KNOW WHAT"S SUPER ANNOYING. There's no clear way to contact you guys with feedback. Please fix this. There's also no easy communication methodology with your team and also no way to ask questions. argh.
At first sight, I don't know how this is any different from Slack?
@grooveplex I see what you mean about the UI, they've followed what works, because Slack's design works. However, I don't think the product resembles Slack at all in functionality, it's about task organisation, not a chat client.
@grooveplex Troop is quite different from Slack -- it's based on Cards and Boards. Boards are a little bit like channels (they have a chat view), but they also have cards where you can store your data. These cards can be viewed in a "cards view" (like a facebook feed) or like trello -- organized in this case by tags. Alerts happen on the card level, not just on chat channels.
Awesome Design !
@dhruvp2014 thanks! we really appreciate it
@dhruvp2014 Check out the new Troop. Massive amount of new features + improvements.