An open source p2p crypto wallet for TRON Network

TronWallet is an open source fully decentralized p2p crypto wallet for TRON Network built with React Native.

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Hi, Product Hunt! We're super excited to bring TronWallet to you. We've got the entire team ready to answer questions about the product. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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I really love this wallet... $TRON $TRX #cr


Great Wallet


So much aurdrops from TRON Network in this wallet, and you just can buy some of it before it going launc

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Thank you Dinuz!
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Parabéns aos desenvolvedores brasileiros envolvidos no projeto.


Excelente Wallet para TRX


Ainda não disponível na linguagem PT-BR

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Thanks @Messiassatto ! Estamos trabalhando nisso! PT-BR disponivel em breve :)
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This is one of the most beautiful Android wallet available so far. It is very smooth, extremely fast and has great design. Most important it is free. Thumbs up and good work.
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@ibnzuk Thank you very much!
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Best wallet, best developer team!!! If you want to hold your crypto securely and make easy transactions, TronWallet is the thing! 👏🏻👏🏻
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@feliperieger Thank you Felipe!