Troll Trump

Auto-donate to HRC when Trump tweets something offensive

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I do love a good troll product! I'd love to hear from the makers what the thinking was behind the scenes. Why linking donations directly to offensive tweets by Trump? Who decides what's offensive? Why the 'troll' positioning (as opposed to other ways to frame the same concept)? What's the response been in these first couple days?
@staringispolite The landing page gives me the impression that it donates whenever Trump tweets _anything_ (which makes sense!). It's somewhat similar to another web application from the Clinton team that helped you calculate how much income tax you'd pay if you were Trump: no matter what, it would always say $0. Sometimes, accuracy is not really necessary.
Hillary gets enough money for special interests, I'm ok
Going to be honest here...not sure how this is a "troll". Since when did donating money to someone become a "troll"?
@pecuniam_01 The more he tweets the more donations to his opponent, automatically? Counts in my book. As @Nivo0o0 would say: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@pecuniam_01 Nearly every political product on Product Hunt fits the bill as a "troll" product. I believe VotePlz is a solid exception :)
Why is this even on PH ?
I love this so much, but I literally do not have, nor make, enough money to cover donations for every single time I'm insulted by something Trump tweets.