Troll Factory

Online game teaching you how fake news is spread - and why

Troll Factory game asks you to imagine you are a professional troll who tries to amass influence in social media by spreading fear, bias and suspicion using botnets, paid marketing and internet memes.
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@ilparone the fact that the examples are real is irrelevant for what I am saying. You took one-sided examples and there lies the problem. By the way, you included objective truths as fake news (like "clandestine immigration is illegal", maybe it isn't true for all countries in the world, but for most of the countries I know). Your product represents what it's apparently trying to fight.
@luqa Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I felt bad "sharing" those things even if it was all fake! Nice idea, interesting.
@mrdobelina Hear you indeed, Filippo. Many thanks for the feedback!
Very limited and ridiculous content. The UI is nice tho. Missed opportunity really.
@julienreszka Many thanks for your feedback! We want to learn and improve for the future: what made the content ridiculous, and what you would have more? Thanks!
Really like the idea !
@hammad_akbar Big thanks, Hammad! Great to hear!
Looks great !
@danielec Many thanks for your feedback!