Instagram for triangular pixel art

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Something like this always makes me think I could produce something semi-decent... but I can't :(
@bentossell I just tried, thinking the same thing but quickly realised that I was useless at it. Cool concept though. Looking forward to interesting Escher pixel art!
@rfreling @bentossell Thanks! Yeah, pixel/trixel art is deceptively hard... we're trying to come up with ways to make it easier - try the labs button and the "animated paint bucket" and hit it multiple times - you can get some fun generative art out of that tool if you play around.
Haha what a cool concept !!
Five minutes of fun before the garish default background gave me a headache. How is this Twitter for anything?
@frassmith It's like uber for disruption.
Oh look, it's not twitter for anything now, it's Instagram for something. Slightly more relevant I guess.
@frassmith I changed it. semantics
@bentossell Yes, I was desperately trying to think up of some smarta** "Something for something else" comments, but I couldn't think of any. :-( BTW: I would totally download an iPad version…
@frassmith @bentossell There is an iPad version - search the app store for - it's behind the web in terms of functionality because of app store delays and we're a small team - also is basically the web app wrapped for native so you don't get any performance improvements.
I just discovered that I love triangular pixel art. @semateos how did you get started?
@rometty_ Thanks!! We started trying to build a user-generated 3rd person adventure game - wanted a unifying constraint for the art - ended up with triangular pixels - built a thing to make triangular pixel art. Or did you want me to go back further than that? Like how I started in software dev etc.?
@semateos love this story! awesome! :)