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Trivial is an Ethereum Blockchain explorer.

Maciek Laskus
Szymon Sypniewicz
Piotr Podziemski
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  • Pros: 

    Nice interface, great team, great plans for the future


    None :)

    I've used the project since its infancy and I think that it's a great way to learn about blockchain and tokens that you fancy!

    Maciej Bembenista has used this product for one year.
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Kacper Wikieł
Kacper WikiełMaker@kacperwikiel · empirical guy
Asking for feedback - Trivial is what Mist, ethereum browser should look like, right now it's hard to discover interesting projects (those without heavy marketing budget)
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
What is difference between this and exactly?
Kacper Wikieł
Kacper WikiełMaker@kacperwikiel · empirical guy
@evivz Trivial is focused on token discovery and metrics - after adding your ethereum address to favs you can get feed of info (transactions + news) Also much better user interface
John Palmer
John Palmer@john_c_palmer · Software Engineer
@evivz @kacperwikiel Honestly, I wouldn't say this has a better user interface than Etherscan. Neither is great.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano@aviggiano · Entrepreneur
Very nice. Does it queries etherscan's API? How are you performing these searches?
Katarzyna Kamińska
Katarzyna Kamińska@katarzyna_kaminska · CEO & co-founder at Trivial
@aviggiano No, we are running our own node and perform our own queries.