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TripTuner is an addictive travel discovery tool that helps you easily find and save destinations based on your tastes, create wishlists, and share it with friends. Inspired by a stereo equalizer, our descriptive sliders let you fine-tune preferences and see matching results immediately.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Where do you see this app in 5 years?
Tedd Evers
Tedd EversMaker@teddevers · Founder & CEO, TripTuner
@jacqvon thanks for the question! As Founder & CEO I'd love to hear what others think but we'll continue to evolve in making it easy and fun to discover new destinations...and any other products where people can get overwhelmed by all the options (e.g. check the links for our DC Restaurant Finder and Caribbean Hotels versions).
Alessandro Mannino
Alessandro Mannino@zuppadisange · Product Manager
This is awesome! I had a similar idea few months ago when I wanted to book a trip for my girl friend and I and found it very time consuming to find a destination that was in our price range and had what we were looking for. Even once you find your destination then you spend significant amount of time looking for flights, hotels, excursions, etc. so my idea was that eventually AI would learn about you and be able to pretty much book your whole trip in seconds.
Tedd Evers
Tedd EversMaker@teddevers · Founder & CEO, TripTuner
@zuppadisange thanks for checking us out! Yes I'm sure AI will learn more about you and facilitate the more mundane things but our aim is to create a serendipitous inspiration/discovery feeling that isn't necessarily based on what you've done/liked in the past but more about what you're feeling in that moment. Hopefully we've achieved that for you :)
Mad Mat
Mad Mat@whiletrueeat · Rebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic it is then :)
Tedd Evers
Tedd EversMaker@teddevers · Founder & CEO, TripTuner
@whiletrueeat appreciate you giving it a spin. Enjoy your trip to the DR! :) World-class windsurfing in Cabarete, just outside town (if that's your thing).
Tedd Evers
Tedd EversMaker@teddevers · Founder & CEO, TripTuner
Thanks for the upvotes! We've just been nominated for BEST TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT at the Travolution Awards this November in London . 🙏 🎉 ✈️