Tripstr 3.0

Turn your iPhone photos into instant trip stories

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Recently went on a 10 day national parks trip with my wife and Tripstr helped us turn hundreds of photos into an awesome tripstr trip we can share and reminisce!
Austin Cooley here, co-founder of Tripstr. I'm stoked about this launch—Tripstr represents the culmination of years of hard work by our team. Our vision from the very beginning has been to spread the wealth of travel knowledge we all possess after returning from a great trip. The realization was that the current ways of sharing that information require WAY too much work (ask any travel blogger…it's a full time job), and we knew we could simplify the process by taking advantage of the metadata in our phones. The end result is an app that (a) finds all the trips you've taken, (b) instantly builds a detailed itinerary with specifics about the places you've visited and (c) presents it in a beautiful, memorable way. The end result feels a lot like Pinterest or TripAdvisor (see, but the difference is that each post on Tripstr is 100% authentic: backed by real trips taken by real people. We'd love to hear your thoughts. This has been an incredibly challenging project, both from an engineering and design perspective. You can read about the process we took here if you're interested!
@tripstr also, here's the trip we took across the USA while building the latest version:
Loving making rich travel journals and getting inspiration from my friends' trips! The full screen web interface is amazing btw.
@bsunter Awesome! And thanks, the web interface is really the piece that brings it all together. Places + Maps + Photos makes for an awesome experience pretty much every time.
Hi Austin, Great app. I had a question about privacy. How much of this data is stored on your servers? Or all this magic is happening on device?
@mphreak Thanks! All the the magic actually happens on device (scanning you photo library and organizing the photos). Once you choose to 'Edit a Journal', we start uploading photos from that trip so that you can share it on the web and with other users. After the sync is finished, you can still set the journal to 'private', which means it can only be seen with the link. Thoughts?
@adcooley After the sync what is the default mode? Private or ?
@mphreak Default mode is Private
Nice! Love the split screen on the desktop/web interface. Just curious, what's the site built on?
@adamnreed thanks, it was really fun to build. It's a Universal (isomorphic) React app, with Redux for store/state management. The maps are built on Mapbox, which made it incredibly easy to build the flyover animations. Essentially as you scroll, the global application state updates and the Map updates itself accordingly. The only hiccup was the combination of Mapbox GL (front-end javascript library) and Universal React. Any time you try running a 'browser only' library on the backend nodejs server, it complains about not having access to `window`. I'll be posting a blog post soon about it :)