Turn your trips' photos into a beautiful, shareable story.

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Based on this demo, this looks similar to Exposure but with a focus on mobile creation. cc @kylebragger Curious to hear @mulligan's opinion (from Cluster).
Yep, looks like Exposure a bit. Also reminds me of another app that was getting a bunch of attention a while ago. Can't remember exactly which one. The challenge with these apps is most of the time (not always) is that it requires a whole new workflow. Most of the time people resort to Facebook or Instagram, where they're already posting the photos, and just refers to people there. Looks beautifully done though!
@rrhoover @mulligan Hey guys I'm one of the Tripstr founders. Our goal is really to bring the superb storytelling ability of sites like Exposure to the everyday photo-taker. Everyone becomes a great photographer in the streets of Paris, and we've tried really hard to make the mobile workflow fun and simple (no picking from tiny thumbnail grids). Curious your thoughts on the story creation interface in the app. A great trip justifies more than just a Facebook photo album, but to @mulligan's point we are always fighting complacency!