Trips by Lonely Planet

A beautiful way to share travel experiences

Explore every day with Trips by Lonely Planet – a beautiful, simple and intuitive way to share travel experiences. Upload photos and videos to your timeline, discover new places, be inspired by stories from the Lonely Planet community and start planning your next adventure. Now available on iOS and Android.

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The idea behind Trips was to provide not only a great way to create and share travel stories but also to highlight the best of that content, helping users discover inspiring, engaging, exciting tales from the road. It's a complementary app to Guides by Lonely Planet, launched last year. We hope you like it!
I've been testing this out since the Alpha and absolutely love the product! Check out my guide on there
@bradhaynes - thanks for sharing. The landing page seems to suggest that this is about me sharing my experiences with others. That's something I'd only be looking to do right after I'm back from a trip, or about to go to one. What's the "hook" for someone like me who is planning a trip to install the app. I ended up leaving the web page without installing the app because of this. I love Lonely Planet - but am still struggling to find the right fit for me, which is a one stop shop that I can go to in order to plan my trip (not necessarily decide where to go, but once I know where I'm going, decide what to do) and then have a place that I can use as "my experience" - notes, photos (especially of food + locations to remind myself). This doesn't feel like it. And if it is it - the landing page didn't really land that message to me. Thanks for coming on PH!
@cancom10 Thanks for the feedback Can! We'll keep working on it and hope to eventually win your praise :)
@cancom10 - We may have something that you are interested in: Our product aims to solve the pain point of planning trips (but our product is more specifically geared towards helping people traveling in groups to plan their trips). It is a one stop shop where you can plan and view all of your activities along with the people going on the trip with you in one place (and we integrate with Yelp and Foursquare API to provide you with places information). We currently don't have the ability to act as a way for you to store your "experience" (user generated photos of food and locations) but all your past trips and list of activities you added will always be there for you. We are still a young startup and will continue to innovate and add more features as time goes on - so if you could check us out and give some feedback that will help us improve the product we would really appreciate it. Hope that this is something you are looking for! You can find our product here: Regards, Kaleb
@kaleb_samuel_iswara I'll check out and get back to you. Thanks for reaching out.
@cancom10 You're most welcome! Do let us know what you think once you have the opportunity to try it out.
@bradhaynes Love this! Please consider adding search (by country, continent, activity, and trip duration).
@theleovogel We're absolutely considering it.
@theleovogel Thanks for the feedback, Leo! Search was one of the most requested features, so we built an initial version and is now live on both the iOS and Android apps! 🙌
I love the idea but why make an app instead of a website? Plus, I can't try it on my iPhone 5S cause I'm on iOS 9.3 and the app require the version 10 of iOS to run. :'(
@pierrickgt Nothing is off the table. We'll iteratively add to the experience over time based on usage patterns and feedback from the community. Starting with mobile solved our immediate use case, and we're excited to see how people use the product. Thanks for the feedback!