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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@nocodemvp + @startupstash (sold)
Love what these guys are doing - great new update!
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Hey there Product Hunt, we're really excited to launch Favourite List on TripRebel. By booking your hotel on TripRebel we check for price reductions of your room every single day. Every time the price drops you get 100% refund of the difference. Automatically. With Favourite list we want to go even further to get you the very best hotel for your budget. Instead of "only" saving money now you can get an upgrade & sleep in a superior hotel. You just need to save in your Favourite list other hotels interesting for your stay. Once you book we'll check for price reductions also for the hotels in your Favourite List & when they'll go on last minute promotion we let upgrade with just one click to the superior & shiny hotel. We'd love to hear your feedback.
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Anuj AdhiyaEngagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Very cool - love it!
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Great! Thanks @anujadhiya.