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Trippiness’s goal is to let everyone create, share and cherish beautiful and meaningful travel experiences through stories and personalized, realistic travel miniatures. Trippiness is where “trips” meet “happiness” by not only letting you see and share but also letting you touch and feel your experiences.

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Founded in 2018 in Hong Kong and India, Trippiness attempts to solve one of the biggest problems in travel planning today. Typically travel planning is cumbersome and takes several hours and on an average visit to several dozens of websites. It offers a simple and hassle-free travel planning experience. It brings most aspects of travel planning in one place and reduces travel planning to a few clicks and under a few minutes producing an itinerary that can be carried on mobile. Also, it combines not only travel but adjacent travel related activities and offers a destination-less travel search when we are not sure where we want to go. And finally, you will find authentic journals of travel experiences which are much more than reviews. So users experience a combination that is unique and which no other website in the world offers today. Trippiness is where “trips” and “happiness” finally meet together. We hope you are inspired and keep coming back to us and get addicted to travel. We would love to hear your feedback! :) You can subscribe to get updates on upcoming features.
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@prakharshivam "travel planning is cumbersome and takes several hours and on an average visit to several dozens of websites" I'd challenge your assumption that the challenge you just mentioned is actually a "problem" people are looking for a solution to:
Nice concept.. Loved it... keep going brother👍👍
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I'm in the ideation stage for something pretty much like this. I've seen myself, friends and families plan their own trips and information is simply just all over the place. A travel planner that allows you and guides you along the way to create your own DIY trip is certainly something that is extremely useful. Just had a quick browse and I think the site is pretty clunky thus far. For example, selecting of destinations and where I'm flying from should only list commercial airports. It should allow me to select just via the country or city as I am not exactly sure what the airport names are etc. Weather is wrong. -18 degrees is something I wish Singapore will ever have but unfortunately that is only when the world is ending :) I'm using a 4K screen and the website doesn't scale vertically (it stops just at half the page when browsing). In any case, I do think that this is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it being improved and updated!
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@swiftpolar Hi, glad to get your feedback. This is Beta and we'll try to improve the design and overall UX in upcoming updates. We're facing few issues regarding our APIs quota. We'll try to improve it asap. :)
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@prakharshivam Awesome looking forward to the updates!
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I love this! Just want I need to plan my trips on a budget.
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@pierrahh_ Thanks @pierrahh_! Glad that you liked it! 😊
Great name, haha.
@hermanhasawish Is it so odd that we need to change it? 😛
@prakharshivam I'd say the name is misleading
@hermanhasawish Why? Because of its meaning associated with something else, other than travel?
@hermanhasawish Okay. Thanks for your suggestion. We'll think of some other name if it demands. 😊