Beautiful business travel expense management tool for SMEs

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One of the most beautiful apps I've seen. Did I mention it's for the enterprise? Business travel is a huge space and ripe for disruption.
I've been following the work of @pallian for quite some time and once I saw he was working on a new project in the travel space, I got all warm and fuzzy. Business travel is one of the larger segments of spend for companies, however, tools like Concur or larger agencies aren't best suited for SMEs (small to medium enterprises). This is either because the product isn't shaped into the workflow for a business owner w. dozens of employees or the product is too expensive. As I wrote to Adarsh yesterday as to what makes Trippeo special: "One of the key pieces of the traveler UX I really like is simply associating the employee credit card so information is tracked accordingly. Too many TMS (travel management systems) require the corporate traveler to be reactive, i.e. collect receipts, itemize and upload. This is the historical approach. Expense management for travel, esp. for small teams need to be 'in background' so the teams can focus on the business v. receipts. Based on the architecture of the Trippeo product offering, the traveler can now be proactive in handling the TMS (because it's invisible)." The team just rolled out v1.0 of the iPhone app and it's gorgeous. Hopefully we can get @pallian for an AMA today.
Thanks Dave - I really appreciate your note and happy to answer any questions you may have. Our v1.0 is just the start of what's going to be long beautiful road to getting rid of expense management completely.
@pallian The product looks great. Kudos to the team! I think business travel expense management is an industry that needs some catching up to do and this is a step in the right direction. How do you think solutions like Rocketrip etc. stack up? Would be great to hear your thoughts.
@varunkhona thanks for the kind words, Varun. We have Rocketrip on our radar and I think they have a great incentivized model for businesses to save money (especially before a business trip begins). Where we differentiate is after the trip begins... expenses and managing them on the road are big time sinks and like @daveambrose mentioned, we want our app to be your ambient tracker of expenses so you can focus on your business and not the paperwork.
Is this integrated with an ARS like Sabre..?
@pallian is an incredible designer and entrepreneur. Super excited for Trippeo!