Tripnary for Slack

Search for flights, inside Slack

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Looks really interesting for Slack!
@shashwatpradhan thanks. Looking forward to seeing what you think.
If you're planning to meet a current/potential client, or going for a conference, or networking with investors, or simply just wanderlusting, add Tripnary to your Slack team and easily find cheapest flights to get anywhere.
@neerajt4 Thanks for hunting! I am the Founder of Tripnary and we are really excited to share the first and the easiest way to find flights on Slack with the Product Hunt community. In addition to searching for airfares to a specific destination, if you have either a budget and/or date in mind, Tripnary can find you the cheapest fares for it. It’s very flexible! We wrote a blog post about why we built it and some of the fun things you can do with it – Looking forward to hearing what the PH community thinks about it.
@abhishekg You're welcome, all the best! :)
What's Up with the channel only vibe ?
@uxdzen Slack requires you to pick a particular channel while integrating it, but I believe it will work across all channels in your team.
Fantastic idea :)
@mirandachale thank you. Hope you enjoy using it. Welcome any feedback.
Looks interesting!
@prateekkesharii let me know how you like it. Thanks for checking it out.