Tripnary 2.0

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Just found a flight for valentines because of this. Dope
@princebhojwani That is awesome! Always happy to hear about our user's experiences. Let me know if we can do anything to improve the app for you.
great job @goelv @abhishekg @r_cajetan. Love all the changes you have made since 1.0. Both value proposition and UX have become stronger. Really like the attention to detail. The smart date picker and budget selector are awesome features which help separate you from other apps in the space . Keep it up ! look forward to seeing regular updates.
@divraj thank you! This means a lot!! We've spent countless nights obsessing over all the little details in the app and am very proud of the end result.
Thanks @divraj. We are really excited to share what we have built with Tripnary 2.0. Let us know if you have any other feedback!
Superb idea... love being able to see airfares to many destinations at the same time
Thanks a lot @pankajtib. Glad you are finding it valuable. Let us know if we can improve the app in any way.
One of the things that I've really enjoyed seeing is the curated collections. That gives me an idea of the types of experiences I can have within my budget and home airport. Oftentimes a trip has a purpose - it's not just about getting away but about having a particular type of trip. Very handy to see, and I look forward to how this pans out as far as travelers being able to share their own curated collections and dream trips. The idea to tackle that bucket list is still a great one - and we all need as much help as we can get to experience the worlds we dream about seeing! It would also be useful to see popular destinations from my home airport, so that I could see what others are searching for within that collection. So that way I can choose to head someplace off the beaten path (and maybe pay more) or pick a popular route that might also be cheaper. Or just find a place where I know I won't run into many people I know!
Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring