TripMode 2

Manage your Mac's broadband usage while on a hotspot

#2 Product of the DayMay 10, 2015
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I love this, I always manually have to turn of Dropbox' sync when I'm in transit and using my hotspot. This fixes that
Great idea & execution! Very handy if you need your iPhone’s data plan from time to time. My Mac once drained my whole 1GB plan within minutes, so Tripmode definitely hits a nerve here. Is it possible to setup default apps and connections, so that it automatically blocks apps when I’m using my iPhone or an unknown network?
Will definitely try!
I'm excited to try this product. I live in a rural area with no broadband options other than satellite. I currently have a 100 GB LTE data plan that I use up each month, but there's always some anxiety towards the end of the month when I'm getting close to the limit. Over time I've developed quite the LTE connection stack: a $1000 powered cell antenna, MIMO antenna on my hotspot, LTE router for wired computers, and now a good bandwidth monitoring tool :) I've even gone the route of setting up a Squid server locally to see if I could save any data that way, but most sites nowadays use streaming or static content via https so it's not quite as effective as I'd hoped.
Fanfuckintastic! I tried to jerry-rig something like this together with command line scripts and totally screwed things up a couple of months ago so this was a no-brainer. Little Snitch is great but still requires more work than just flicking a switch once and forgetting about it. Well worth a fiver. Thanks for making this!