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Triple is an augmented reality app that lets you view furniture and home decorations in your home . You can use Triple to design your home, take AR photos, and even shop for products. To list products for sale on Triple visit

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UPDATE: Hey PH, I'm really excited to announce that today we just released a major update with ARKit! If you download the updated version on iOS 11 we would love to hear what you think of the new functionality! Contact me anytime at chris [at] Thanks! Chris
Thanks for hunting @katmanalac! Hey PH, This is Chris Heinrich from Triple. @alexoedelman and I just finished our doctorates in physics, and decided to start a company instead of staying in academia. Our first app is designed to solve the 'visualization' and 'sizing' problems associated with buying furniture. While there are other 'AR for interior design' apps out there, we felt we could create a better experience by having better products, better 3D models and a simpler UI. This is the first version and we hope to get a lot of feedback on PH. Some big questions we have are: is furniture the best product category? or should we be displaying kayaks or Tesla Model 3s or kittens instead? Is the UI intuitive? If you are into interior design — what other products or brands would you like to see in the app? Ultimately, we built Triple because we believe ecommerce can be dramatically improved with AR. We hope you try out Triple and let us know what you think! I'll be around today to answer questions. Thanks! Chris
Great to be here with @chrispheinrich, looking forward to chatting with you folks! Alex
Timely. I'm moving into a new place this weekend, furniture shopping now. I'll give it a try. @chrispheinrich — how are you capturing inventory? Are you scanning furniture and importing it into your db?
@rrhoover Thanks for checking us out! Good question about the source of 3D models -- difficulty of obtaining models is a major challenge for 3D commerce. Currently we work with a 3D design studio that creates the 3D models from scratch using existing product photography, but one day, hopefully creation can be automated...
Congrats on the launch, definitely going to check it out as we are buying new furniture now!
@anthonyjz17 Thanks Anthony! If there is some product you would like to see added to the app let me know and I'll try to get it added.
@chrispheinrich would love to see some leaning shelves from room and board if possible!
@anthonyjz17 Cool! I'll have them added. It usually takes a couple days for the 3D modeling -- I'll let you know once they're live!
@anthonyjz17 Hey Anthony, we just added the Pisa Leaning Shelves to the app ( You can view them in all three colors. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
@chrispheinrich The quality of your 3D models looks really great from the video! Worked with BMW on their AR car visualiser app (used Tango) and one of the biggest challenges was definitely making sure the cars looked photorealistic enough- although of course the more complex the object the harder it gets! Do you have plans to link to a commerce platform, so customers can browse, visualise and purchase all within your app? Looking forward to giving this a try today.
@jessmthornhill Hi Jess, thanks for your interest! Adding purchases is definitely on our product road map, hopefully added by fall of this year. Thanks for pointing out the BMW Tango app -- I just checked it out and it looks really cool! I'd love to chat more with you about your work on that project some time -- feel free to reach out to me at