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Hi Product Hunters. I'm here all day and really keen to hear any feedback, good or bad! I made this app because I often go on city breaks/long weekends with my friends but don't have time to properly plan for what to do there. Tripfix enables you to make your own itinerary using tinder-esque swiping. It was released yesterday and I've got 30 city guides in at the moment, for places all over the world. Hope you like it :)
Great job @jblok2! I like that you kept the design of the app very simple. Trip planning can be overwhelming and by keeping my choices limited to some swipes makes it much easier. Good luck on the launch and building out more cities! πŸŽ‰
@tylerswartz Thanks Tyler. Watch this space ;)
I really like this product. It would be great if it could create a quick itinerary once I've saved my places (incorporating starting point, travel time between places, length of time needed at each place, etc).
@alexbarneshere Hi Alex, that's a great idea and something I've thought about as well. I fear that an itinerary too detailed would become obsolete quite quickly. For instance when you're on holiday, you don't care about spending an extra couple of hours wandering around a museum if you're really enjoying it, or having a random coffee somewhere. But if the app know the length of time you were staying it would be good to estimate how much it thinks you can fit in and help prioritise some venues, or something like that
This is a pretty good start. Great job @jblok2. I'd say I almost always plan a trip together with my friends, my wife or other people. It would be great if the app could have the ability to plan a trip in a group. To be specific, let's say we have have 4 people in a group. Each one votes for the place ( swipe up / down interaction ) they want to visit within that particular city. Based on the votes, the itinerary gets automatically created. Another feature that I would really use is if the app could tell me the optimum route to take so I could cover the places that I chose, in the minimum amount of time. It can be quite challenging to cover everything optimally especially if you are constrained on time, and I have experienced it first hand :-)
@sanitjain Thanks for the feedback Sanit. Great idea. I hadn't thought about it from that angle. I had thought the social element could come from friends who weren't necessarily travelling with you, but who had been to that city before and who could offer advice on which sights were really great. Your second idea is one that has come up here a few times now - that might be the first new feature to build!
This is a very sexy app! I love it. 😍 I can't wait until you roll out more cities. Also I would like to see some type of sharing feature. Like if I'm going on vacation with my girlfriend. I want her to see the places I picked. So incredible! I can't say enough good things.
why no android :(
@petrev01 Sorry Evan, it's in the pipeline! I wanted to launch on one platform and see if there was enough interest first
@jblok2 Hahaha understandable! I recognize the android platform is just a much more difficult one to create the same level of experience on iOS