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Hi everyone! TripExpert aggregates professional travel reviews from publications, travel guides, and newspapers (like The New York Times, Michelin, Lonely Planet, etc) and ranks hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in over 500 destinations worldwide. We're basically the travel section of a bookstore, distilled by venue. We believe in the power of experts, not amateurs. I'd love to answer any of your questions!
TripExpert provides professional travel reviews on hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions written by experts for publications such as Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, and Bon Appétit. Forget about unreliable and misleading customer reviews. Instead, listen to the professionals who know best. TripExpert got them all in one place. @aknicol and @emilyinstamatic feel free to join the conversation and explain your product in more details :)
@tigranhakobian Well said! Users are tried of having to wade through thousands of 1- and 5-star reviews and yearn for a clear voice from publications they know and trust. We drop all of these reviews into an algorithm that produces a TripExpert Score - the definitive professional opinion of a specific property. In Experts We Trust. :)