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Hi my name is Max. I am one of the co-founders of tripdelta. We’ve been working on it for a couple of months now. We are real travel maniacs and traveled to more than 100 countries combined in the last years. Finding flights is frustrating. That’s why we created tripdelta to find flights the way we do with the help of machine learning. This is what we do differently: • We find hidden flights by combining rival airlines ( • Our smart area search looks at every airport near your start and destination and checks every single combination to find better alternatives ( ) • We split your return flights into open jaw tickets ( ) • Wanna do a short world trip? Better check this one out We are a small team of 2 engineers and a business developer. We would love to hear your feedback. Ask us anything ;) To show our appreciation to all producthunters we’ll help you to “hack” your next trip.
This is pretty clever - i've just booked a RTW trip - and this would have been handy! Great work
@pwheslop Great you like it! :) Which route did you book?
@mibel86 @pwheslop Man this would have saved us money. (Lon -> Bangkok -> KL -> Bali -> Perth -> Sydney -> Melbourne -> Fiji -> LA -> SF -> Vancouver -> NYC -> Iceland -> Lon
@pwheslop Too bad...Next time it's gonna be cheaper ;)
Added to my Air Search & Booking collection:
@anujadhiya I just checked out your list. It's pretty comprehensive. Good work :)
@mibel86 Appreciate you checking it out. Cheers! :)
Really cool product, found a great way to get from Brussels to Porto (instead of flying from Amsterdam, which was more expensive AND longer). How does it work?
@amrei_meier Great you liked it and thank you for your feedback! I am trying not to go into too much technical detail, but per flight search we usually look at a couple hundred different airport combinations, not including all the tripdelta generated hidden flight combinations. Then, we select the most promising routes and present them to you. Sometimes it works really well, and sometimes we just cant find anything better than the actual search
@nlanges I just did another search and I found a tripdelta result that is more expensive than my search. Why would I choose that?
@amrei_meier Wow. Opening pandoras box on us :) We decided to not filter out these results. This way we can show you that we did our research and simply could not find a better result.
Nice! I used to do this sort of stuff manually to save $$. Glad to see someone productized the process. Will definitely try it for my next trip
@tweetinshu Thanks for the support Shu!