An app to help you save $ and travel more

tripcents is a mobile app that is changing the way you save, budget and book travel. Stop saying next year and start saving today for the trips you’ve always wanted to go on. Predictive flight and hotel booking recommendations combined with integrated travel savings make trip budgeting and saving those dollar bills easy.

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Hey everyone! Brantley and I are excited to announce that tripcents is now live and available on the iOS App Store. We're looking forward to your feedback and are here to answer any questions you might have. Thanks for taking the time to check our tripcents. Let us know the trips you're going to be saving for! I'm saving up for a trip to Japan. We appreciate the support and hope that tripcents will have you sipping margs on the beach in no time! Happy traveling.
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Really digging tripcents as a frequent traveler. I have a couple trips going at once I'm saving for.


Easy interface, beautiful graphic/copy, quick setup


Not as many bells/whistles yet with initial launch, lots promised though

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Thanks, Eileen! We're currently working on making the app even better.
Could you explain 'hotel booking recommendations'? To me, this is unclear if you are referring to picking a hotel or knowing when to place a reservation. Could you also explain how you deliver on that (behind the scenes)?
@gladrobot thanks for the question! Currently we match trips that you are saving for with hotels for that city from Hotwire and show you their top 3-4 deals in your "Trip Card". As we scale we will be improving the recommendation engine to match trip preferences, budget, etc. ie If you are saving for Paris, then we present some of the top hotel deals from Hotwire in the Paris Trip Card. We have other partnerships in the works and will be using early customer feedback to improve the experience.
It seems a great product. But I can’t download it here in Brazil. Do you have plans to make it available on the Brazilian AppStore?
@luis_eduardo_quirino_sobreira Thanks for reaching out! We are only available in the U.S. currently. We have plans to expand internationally soon. The decision to start in the U.S. revolves around international banking laws and regulations. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, let us know.