Doodle for travel plans with friends

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Love the idea behind this app - makes it easier to find travel buddies who want to join on a trip and have similar places/timeframe/budget in mind. And nice touch to have a demo inspired by the Product Hunt team: :-) @hallojona What made you guys build an app for travel planning, and how are you going to integrate with other players in the market? e.g. I could see this + Vamo's UX for finding places to go to be quite powerful.
Hi hunters, i'm one of the founders of tripcake and happy to answer all your upcoming questions. The short story of tripcake: I was planning a trip with friends myself and we sent approx 43 mails until planning was finally done. So I wanted it to be easier the next time, and that's why we started to build tripcake.
@lukasfittl thx for your feedback The reason is: we all had and know the pain of planning group trips. Now we have a tool to do it the easy way Our goal is to provide the perfect combination of group trip planning and booking tool. Groups need only one page to finalize what sort of trip they'd like to go on and book together in a simple way. And last but not least, we'll give larger groups (more than 10 people) the opportunity to book and compare hotels and flights online without requesting endless offers via mail. Development in progress ;-)
hi, i'm one of the tripcake founders. Thx Gillian for posting :) Let me know what you think :) any feedback is highly appreciated!
@hallojona @xavia2011 Just came across this...looks like it was posted a year ago, how are things going? You probably saw this recent article on Tnooz:
@drewmeyers Hey Drew, It has been done a lot. The team and the business model changed =
@hallojona Interesting approach. I can see the use case, though I imagine customer acquisition is quite a challenge. Where are most customers coming from?
@drewmeyers I don't know very much details because i'm no longer work for tripcake/tripbakery. @xavia2011 is still in the team.