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Dan Fennessy
Founder at Party with a Local
Great product and team - I met André Ramos the founder of @Tripaya at Discoveries Accelerator that we both participated in in Lisbon over Summer. They are already doing really well in Portugal, and it's a great idea to get travel recommendations based on your budget, hope it takes off internationally.
Raj AjrawatGoogle Play & Android Partnerships Lead
Yes! I've been waiting for a service like this. I always know what I'm willing to spend for things like the flight, the hotel, etc. which all adds up to a specific budget range, but I was never able to find a service that will let me start from that location. Excited to start using this!
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I like this way of browsing offerings, can help discover new destinations !
This is awesome! At a hackathon two weeks ago we discussed doing something like this as we though there wasn't anything like it. Well, turns out there is! Looking forward to giving this a shot. Good luck!
Andre Ramos
Founder, Tripaya
Let's face it. You are now reading this, maybe in your office, just by excuse not to work. What you wanted to be doing was drinking some margaritas by the pool right? So, why don't you go right next weekend? I know why.. Because you think you can't, it's too expensive. And looking online for some cool destination is so time consuming, and then when you finally find that great place, you go book your hotel and flight and damn, it's too expensive! When you are in front of the computer with the world at your fingertips, find a place to go is overwhelming. That's why we created Tripaya! Cut the hassle. Tripaya is for people who actually prefer to enjoy the trip rather than waste time online looking for trips. All you have to do is one thing: TELL US YOUR BUDGET. We'll do the rest. We compare hundreds of travel sites, to get you the best combos of flight + hotel, in the best hand picked destinations! In just one click, you're ready to go. Tripaya saves yourself tons of time that you can use start packing! So, now that you know it's not that hard to be drinking margaritas by the pool next weekend, go to Tripaya, set your budget, and hopefully, all you have to do is choosing what pool you want! This is the right way to search for a trip, don't you agree?