Take a trip. Expand your mind.

Blending modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology, Trip takes you on a self-guided journey to help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Glad you're working on this, @irokharrison. There's a lot of responsibility in designing guides for this setting. What's your process for doing so?
Thanks @rrhoover, really appreciate the support. It’s an important question, and one we spent a lot of time asking ourselves when in ideation mode early this year. I.e. how will we distill centuries of wisdom and decades of academic and clinical research into a simple, engaging user experience? We spoke with experienced and new trippers, guides, psychologists, medical doctors, and combined those insights with the research from Mendel Kaelen, Stanislav Grof, MAPS, Roland Griffiths, Robin Carhart-Harris and others. We found that despite the diverse set of communities and individuals that work with consciousness expansion for rituals, growth, healing, or otherwise, a few common practices make up a framework that has been shown to enhance the therapeutic benefits. We broke those down into preparation, exploration, reflection, and integration phases, and translated the steps within those phases into a synchronous flow in the app when starting a trip. Still plenty more research to be done, and many smart people currently working on new studies to better inform this, so this by no means is a static product. I'm looking forward to getting feedback from users and iterating based on what we continue to learn from them and the experts. Further, I think it's important that product leaders and designers can empathize with their users so I hope that my own convoluted journey ( that has driven a passion for helping people doing this work will help inform product from that perspective as well.
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
While I have some reservations about rolling out psychedelic therapy to the masses, I'm also not in favor of restricting access to guides, information, and support for people who might be interested in exploring this avenue of self-help or self-discovery either. In an ideal world, there would ample human guides and assistance for people who are interested in chemically-assisted therapy, but alas, there's still too many taboos (and laws) to make such access readily available and stigma-free. Is an app a sufficiently safe way to provide access instead? Jury's out, but my hunch is no — nor do I think that's what Trip is trying to achieve. And yet here we are — and at least things are moving forward, providing access to support where previously there was little to none that was publicly readily available.
Savannah PetersonDirector of Innovation Strategy
@chrismessina very excited to design intersecting with this space. Tools like this make the conversation easier to have. Really glad to see this out in the wild.
Andrew Simon ThomasCommunity Manager, Designer
@chrismessina @savissavvy agreed, and for the longest time the only resources available have been communities like Erowid. Tools like this (I hope) can help break down the barriers.
Expanding the mind is just the beginning. It is the set and setting before and during, and the reflection done after trips that supports lasting personal growth. We designed Trip as a tool to support that. Through our research, we learned that many people already use their phones as a tool for tripping. The most common reasons were for music, writing notes or journaling, and voice recording. Now, they can have all three in one place. Trip helps you maximize these experiences, self-discoveries, and growth through intention setting, mood tracking, personalized music, and guided journaling. We’re currently offering invite-only access. Sign up now at and download the app on: iOS: Android:
Isaac NaorI make wonderful things
@irokharrison Fascinating! Thank you for exploring this space and bringing a product to market to serve this need at scale!
Ronan Levy
Metaphysical outlaw.
Trip was born out of the realization that as psychedelics and consciousness expansion moves mainstream, there are going to be a lot of people out there experimenting with meditation, breathwork and legal natural or medically prescribed products (i.e. tripping), but doing so without the right practices, support our tools. So we built Trip so people can more safely and intelligently make the most out of their consciousness expanding activities. The app takes the custom developed protocols that we have built for our @FieldTripHealth centers and makes them available to anyone doing work with consciousness expansion. Trip is not intended to be a substitute for properly supervised medical and psychological care, but it can help you get the most out of your consciousness-expanding practices!
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As someone who has done many guided therapies with many different medicines and is pretty experienced in the space, this app works really well for what it does. And I would guess its going to be adding a lot eventually.
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