Trip Noodle

Essential travel information compiled into one handy email.

Trip Noodle is your first stop when planning your next adventure. We compile, curate and filter a one page city guide with just the essential information you need to travel easier and smarter. City guides are delivered straight to your inbox for free.

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I have some friends (cc @wp) that have in-depth travel guides similar to this. Nice idea, @magnet1cfields.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! It was born out of a genuine need and a laziness to actually research my travel destinations 😅 So I've tried to take the 'hard work' out of researching new cities for people.
@magnet1cfields Andy, nice work! I just got the Tokyo one and it's really saving me some trivial stress on how to get around. @rrhoover any links to the other travel guides?
@kevinyun that's great to hear. Is there anything you'd like to see more, or less of, in the guides?
@magnet1cfields the first guide i got was perfect. More cities would be awesome (e.g, top 100 on
@kevinyun so glad to hear. Definitely need to cover more cities. Dubai and Paris guides are dropping very soon.
Would be nice if you could request the guide via an email, eg. or more ideally the airport code, This would be cleaner and leaner esp when your data connectivity is limited abroad. Nice work!
@eddiekxviii I love that idea!
Really great to answer some of the questions I have about a place before I get everything organised to go. 💪

Small things that I was going to worry about like airport-to-city travel is taken care of. This is awesome!


Really useful info


Could use more countries, but you did just launch the product

I like the lean concept and execution. I also have a lot of ❤️ for that logo 🍜
thank you @sgoudie, "lean" is definitely an accurate description! Got plenty of ideas which direction I want to take it 😁