Remove space from around images, quickly and easily!

Remove black, white or transparent space from around images, quickly and easily!
Simply upload your image(s), select the colour you want to trim off and Trimmy! You will receive your image(s) back, trimmed and zipped.
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Hey, Ben, congrats with the launch! Your tool is very useful and I'd like to try it :) Also, it'll be great to see Trimmy in Awesome Design Tools:
@valiahavruliyk thanks! Feel free to give it a go. It is 100% free to use. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
Hey Ben, I finally had chance to use this today on a project, saved a nice amount of time but more so effort of having to crop each image it worked absolutely fantastic! Very fast and efficient although would be great if you could upload more than 10 images at once :)
@addison_taylor Thanks for the feedback Addison! I'm glad it has been helpful! πŸŽ‰ Yeah, I've set it to 10 images to limit the server resource usage. If it doesn't seem to cause issues I may increase it a little πŸ‘
Hi all! From time to time I get clients sending me images with black borders (mostly only on 2 sides of the image) so I need to crop each of them to get the image for the website. Has anyone else come across this? It is pretty annoying. I thought those with no coding knowledge, no special programs, apps or scripts might benefit from a quick way to do this, so I built Trimmy! I can introduce new features if people need them: **Choose colour to remove** You can pick the colour to trim off the image(s) **Resize** Set pixel width or height and resize image(s) keeping the ratio **Optimise** Set quality percentage more! It is in beta but check it out and let me know what you guys and gals think. I hope it is of use to others.
it's not working... :( tried to knockout a simple white background and saved as a .png. Opened in .ps but it still has the bkgd...
@gregw Sorry it didn't work for you. I think I need to try and explain it better! It will trim down until it hits something that isn't white/black/transparent but with straight edges only, it won't remove the entire background (for the moment at least). Check out the 2nd and last screenshots above. 2nd screenshot - Timmy has a load of white space to the right Last screenshot - Timmy is trimmed tight, the white space is removed Clients were sending me images with white/black space to the bottom/top/right of the image. I am pretty sure they were just taking a screenshot of their phone πŸ™„ I just wanted to get the image with no borders, so I made this.
To show exactly what Trimmy does I've added some quick examples into the gallery above.