User-friendly tool to keep track of your spending

Trimm is a simple and user-friendly way to keep track of your personal expenses.

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The UI looks sleek. Why isn't there a mobile app for this? Question: Will this link to my bank account and automatically fetch the expenses marked on my card, or would it have to be entered manually by me?
@siddharth_mungekar1 @ciega if you would like, I can incorporate this functionality in a couple of hours. Let me know...
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks you for the complements, I really appreciate it. Currently everything has to be done manually, but I'm looking into adding bank support in the future, this is just an mvp.
Richard, good looking app. Slick. ..... but HOW is it possible in this day and age... that you are not using SSL for on the inside >> ??? Discerning users are NOT going to take your seriously. Hope this feedback helps. Herby
@herby_olschewski Glad you lke the look of the app. The frontend does actually have SSL support, it's the backend I haven't done yet, DigitalOcean 😢 I will let you know when it has been updated.
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