Trim for iOS

The easiest way to post full-size photos to Instagram

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Do a quick search for similar apps on the App Store. They're all awful. Either they add a watermark, they degrade the original picture's quality, or they have some other weird "feature". Trim is the only one that says what it says it's gonna do and actually does it well.
@jonah this is an amazing find. Been looking for something like this for a while now. I must have tried 5 or so different apps before I settled on InstaSquare, it got the job done, but had a clunky UI with things I didn't need (no I do not want to set my image background to neon green). Trim is awesome, love how it doesn't save the "full-size" image with borders to the camera roll as I don't have to go and delete it (had to do that with InstaSquare). It just posts it, great hunt.
@jonah @rustydingo Hey Adrian! I made Trim, and I'm so happy you love it. I went through the same experience in finding apps, but they were all terrible or ad ridden. I love making tools that just work, and do the right thing. Let me know if you have any feedback!
@joshpuckett right now can't think of anything, it's perfect and delightfully simple. Really like that you can also use a pinch gesture to zoom in and out if needed. Maybe someday you could swipe left and right to get pre-defined collage templates that you could drop more than one image into... But again I just like how effective and simple the app is at the moment (spin off app?) Will definitely hit you up if I think of anything else. Thanks for building this.