IMDB ratings on Netflix so you know what to watch

No more wasting time deciding what to watch on Netflix. This Chrome extension makes IMDB and rotten tomato ratings appear right on the Netflix page. Try it today!
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I used this today and had to share it! Solved my problem of choosing what to watch on Netflix every time. Check it out yourself.
We are the maker of Trim. Thanks for sharing it! With Trim you can find IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings of all movies on Netflix so you know what to watch.
We have made a video on how to use Trim:
Please check it out. And let us know any questions.
Mistook the name and logo with the more famous Trim billing app.
Just downloaded the chrome extension. I always search up ratings for any TV show or movie before watching, so this will help embed it in-app. Very useful!