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Would you recommend Trim to a friend?


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
The site does a poor job of describing what "social data" it provides and frankly I don't think most people will go through the hassle of registering to find out. Just my two sense. Anyone use this? How does it compare to bit.ly and others?
Ali Ahmed
@syedaliahmed · Tech Entrepreneur
Cool product that lets you create really tiny URLs, best bit you can convert your link into any custom keyword so long as it's available, all for free.
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Wow, they brought this back? I used to use Trim exclusively, but then the company went under and all my old Twitter links broke. Not sure I'm ready to trust someone other than Bitly at this point.  See more
John Murch
@johnmurch · Developer/Marketer
Not sure how this is different from bit.ly - I did signup and they do have a stats page - https://tr.im/pdh+
@krysfree · Founder, HeLLa Rides
I was so bummed when it shut down http://mashable.com/2009/08/09/t...